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A sustainable future for the planet and humanity: the Sant'Anna School participates in the International Geoscience Conference of the European Geoscience Union - EGU23

Publication date: 27.04.2023
Vienna EGU
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Laura Ercoli, professor of Agronomy and Field Crops and leader of the Plant-Soil Interactions group at the Crop Science Research Center, Elisa Pellegrino and Rudy Rossetto, researcher and investigator at the same center, and Agrobioscience PhD student Piera Quattrocelli are participating in the International Conference organized by the European Geoscience Union (EGU). EGU23 takes place in Vienna April 23-28 and brings together scientists from all disciplines studying geosciences, with the common goal of ensuring a sustainable future for the planet and humanity.

Laura Ercoli, Elisa Pellegrino and Piera Quattrocelli have been invited to speak within the Soil System Sciences Division, while Rudy Rossetto is speaking within the Hydrology Division. Laura Ercoli speaks on the topic of organic matter reduction in agricultural soils by identifying microorganisms that can counteract this trend (full contribution here). Elisa Pellegrino analyzes the biodiversity of microbial communities in soils in Italy and Zambia as a tool for predicting the effects of climate change (full contribution here). Piera Quattrocelli speaks on the topic of circular economy in agriculture by proposing a nanofertilizer from fish industry by-products that, combined with selected bacteria, increases the efficiency of phosphorus fertilization (full contribution here). Rudy Rossetto talks about combating drought by presenting a plant to recharge the underground aquifer built in the Val di Cornia in Suvereto, Grosseto (full contribution here).

The event also features Marcello Lattanzi, an honour student in the Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnologies of the Sant'Anna School. The student has the opportunity, in Vienna, to get in touch with the most innovative research carried out in the world's most prestigious research institutions and universities.


On the cover (from left): Piera Quattrocelli Ph.D. student in Agrobioscience at the Sant'Anna School; Elisa Pellegrino Researcher at the Crop Science Research Center of the Sant'Anna School; Laura Ercoli, professor of Agronomy and Field Crops of the Sant'Anna School.