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Students Worksite Experience: Sant’Anna School Biorobotics Institute and Boeing Italia offer the “Stem for Future” program to gain practical experience in science and technology education

Publication date: 01.12.2017
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The “STEM 4 future” project aims at making STEM (science technology, engineering and mathematics) education attractive for future generations. The project has been presented in Rome during the “Maker Faire – The European Edition” event sponsored by Boeing Italia and Sant’Anna School. “STEM 4 future” is a program offering educational work opportunities to students in high school. Students will gain practical experience by engaging in the projects developed by the Biorobotics Institute and GREAT Robotics spinoff company. The program is the result of cooperation and joint activities of the Biorobotics Institute and schools participating in the “alternanza scuola-lavoro” programs. Boeing Italia is committed to improve participation in STEM disciplines through partnerships with higher educational institutions supporting programs that promote academic success and economic sustainability.

Pierdomenico Perata, rector of Sant’Anna School, said: “Sant’Anna School participates in the ‘STEM for Future’ project sponsored by Boeing Italia to offer a responsible approach to research and new technologies and to develop educational contents which will make science education and scientific careers more attractive for the youth. The “alternanza scuola-lavoro” as a Students Worksite Experience program offers an additional opportunity to address concrete societal challenges directly associated with science and labor market demands. The Biorobotics Institute has been a pioneer in promoting and developing comprehensive and multidisciplinary (scientific disciplines and social sciences) programs presenting scientific challenges in an attractive way through competitions, informal education activities and science festivals. The challenges have been largely presented through their practical application to boost the creativity and innovativeness of the students in Tuscany”.

Antonio De Palmas, president of Boeing Italia and managing director – South Europe, said: “The ‘STEM for future’ project focuses on the students worksite experience as a way to develop STEM education and the specific skills needed to address the current and future European labor market demand. Through our activities students will acquire a better understanding of scientific mechanisms but also learn those STEM and transversal skills that will contribute to their professional development. Our partnership with the Biorobotics Institute at Sant’Anna School gives us a deep knowledge of STEM skills and enables us to anticipate the full potential of new technologies in development”.