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Starting crowdfunding campaign of the Master's in Human Rights and Conflict Management at Sant'Anna School to support scholarships dedicated to students from developing countries

Publication date: 23.11.2022
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The Master's in Human Rights and Conflict Management (MHRCM) at Sant'Anna School has activated the crowdfunding campaign "#GIVEAHUMANRIGHTSSTUDENTACHANCE", an initiative that aims to help international students from developing countries specialize in human rights protection and conflict management.

The Master's program, now in its XXI edition, has a long tradition of students now employed by renowned international organizations, such as the UN, the European Union, national governments, major NGOs engaged in human rights defenses, humanitarian assistance and development cooperation. In addition, the course of study has often given many students from all parts of the world, from Latin America, through Africa and the Middle East, to Asia, the opportunity to specialize in human rights and conflict management, despite numerous economic and other difficulties.

The Master's program has contributed to the career goals of its classes by granting partial reductions or full exemptions, but, often, this is not enough to ensure that they can study at Sant'Anna School and imagine a better future, for them and for those they will help when they return to their own countries.  "It is important to give everyone the opportunity to train, study and dream of a different future, in which the protection of human rights and conflict resolution are the engine of change for the construction of a better society", stresses Emanuele Sommario, director of the Master in Human Rights and Conflict Management and professor of International Law at the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics, Development). The campaign, available on the gofundme platform, has precisely the goal of increasing the resources available "to help a student, in a disadvantaged situation, to specialize in the field of human rights so that he or she will become, tomorrow, an example for the community", concludes Emanuele Sommario.

To participate in the Master's campaign, all the details can be found at this link: