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Start-ups from universities in the EELISA network present themselves to investors during the first European Demo-Day organized as part of EELISA UNFOLD, in Pisa on Monday, December 19th

The event is jointly organized by the Sant'Anna School and the Scuola Normale, in collaboration with UPM and other EELISA partners
Publication date: 14.12.2022
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On Monday, December 19th, the first "Demo Day" dedicated to the start-ups of the universities that are part of the EELISA project will be held at the Sala Stemmi of the Scuola Normale Superiore. The initiative, jointly organized by the Sant'Anna School and the Scuola Normale, in collaboration with the Universitad Politècnica de Madrid and the other EELISA partners, is an opportunity for students, entrepreneurs to meet and interact in an innovative and passionate environment where they can share experiences and network. The event is held as part of EELISA UNFOLDS, which aims to highlight the innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities of university institutions, giving them the opportunity to present some of the technologies and ideas developed within emerging enterprises.

The Sant'Anna School participates in the "Demo Day" with some of its own start-up companies:

- CO-ROBOTICS: start-up that uses and performs an analysis of data from the Institute of Biorobotics of the Sant'Anna School in order to create applications related to the aging population, such as advanced outdoor driving assistance systems with the help of artificial intelligence.

- Fluid Wire Robotics: start-up presenting a new platform for industrial robots that enables them to work outdoors, in harsh environments or in areas considered too dangerous for human operators.

Attached is the event flyer.