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Nature Conference on 'Transformative Technologies for Neuroengineering': two professors from the BioRobotics Institute of the Sant'Anna School are among the speakers at the conference to address advancement in neurotechnology

Publication date: 11.04.2024
Calogero Oddo e Silvestro Micera, speaker di Nature Conference on ‘Transformative Technologies for Neuroengineering’
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Silvestro Micera and Calogero Oddo, respectively full professor of Electronic and Computer Bioengineering and associate professor of Industrial Bioengineering at the BioRobotics Institute of Sant'Anna School, are among the speakers at the Nature Conference on Transformative Technologies for Neuroengineering scheduled from 10 to 12 April in Shenzhen, China. The conference addresses advances in technologies interfacing with the central and peripheral nervous system and their implications in the field of health and disease.

Calogero Oddo's talk is scheduled for Thursday 11 April and is entitled 'Neuromorphic Tactile Sensors: from Bionic Limb Prostheses to Collaborative Robotics and the Metaverse'; Silvestro Micera will address the conference on Friday 12 with the speech 'mplantable Modular Neuroprostheses to Understand and Restore Neural Functions'.

This Nature conference will highlight advancements in technologies for interfacing with the nervous systems, both central and peripheral, to address challenges in health and disease. The topics include bioelectronic interfaces; microphysiological systems for disease modeling; machine learning for neuroscience; imaging the brain; robotics, AI and exoskeletons; and brain-computer interfaces. The discussions will span the research and development pathway, from concept design to clinical application, with a focus on optimizing neurotechnologies for motor and cognitive control. The conference will include plenary lectures, a poster session and panel discussions, as well as networking activities. The goal is to bring together experts from neuroscience, materials science and engineering, biomedical engineering and clinical neurology to foster thoughtful discussions, debates and collaborations for the advancement of research in neurotechnologies.