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The seminar "Zitti e buoni: Schools talk about tolerance" was held at the Sant'Anna School to honor the International Day of Tolerance. Several high school students present

Publication date: 17.11.2022
Giornata della Tolleranza 2022
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The seminar entitled "Zitti e buoni: Schools talk about tolerance" was the event open to the public organized by the Sant'Anna School to commemorate the International Day of Tolerance, an anniversary established by UNESCO in 1995 with the aim of remembering the inspiring principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948.

Among the audience were young high school students who faced the day as a "different" lesson.

Denise Amram, researcher in comparative private law and Giuseppe Di Vetta, research fellow in criminal law at the DIRPOLIS Institute started from the analysis of some verses of the famous Måneskin song to introduce a delicate, but still very related topic.

During the seminar, various topics were touched upon, but all very connected: there was talk of algorithms, artificial intelligence, but also hate crimes and how the law is moving in this direction, leaving the students various moments for discussion.

Below some pictures of the day.