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Seasonal Schools, the intensive courses “of excellence”: from planetary health to economics of technological change, the program from April to July 2024. How to apply, all the reductions of the enrolment fee

Publication date: 06.05.2024
Allievi S.Cate
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Subscriptions are already open on the School’s website, where you can also consult the detailed and updated agenda for each Seasonal School: Gender Studies and Feminist Theory - A Multidisciplinary Perspective (onsite classes from July 8th to 13th); Economics of Innovation and Technological Change, (onsite classes from July 15th to 19th); BEEP - Biology for human space exploration (onsite classes from July 22nd to 26th).

A reduction in the enrolment fee is available based on the applicant’s ISEE or equivalent certification of income as indicated in the call (for students enrolled in a foreign University). A 450€ scholarship provided by Fondazione Talento all’Opera and Fondazione EY will be assigned to the three best performing participants of each course. Students coming from universities or institutions with specific agreements with Sant’Anna School are entitled to reserved places and to a 10% reduction in the enrolment costs. Affiliated Institutions: University of CataniaUniversity of TusciaUniversity of TrentoFondazione OnaosiUniversity of MessinaUniversity of MacerataUniversity of CamerinoUniversity of CalabriaConferenza dei Collegi Universitari di MeritoUniversity of PalermoAosta Valley UniversityFree University of Bozen-BolzanoMarche Polytechnic UniversityUniversity of SienaGalilean School of Higher Education; University of PisaUniversity of Florence.

Gender Studies and Feminist Theory - A Multidisciplinary Perspective Classes will take place in presence from July 8th to 13th, 2024.                                                 

The Seasonal School will delve into gender studies with a multidisciplinary critical perspective, combining different approaches in social sciences. In order to tackle the most relevant issues in contemporary gender studies and feminist theory, participants will be provided with pivotal conceptual tools from an epistemological, political, legal and philosophical point of view as well as with a cross-cutting knowledge of the different theoretical-methodological frameworks employed in the debate. Other than providing a theoretical-political framework on the contribution of the gender dimension in social sciences, the training programme will require participants to reflect on global and intersectional perspectives as well as on the impact of policies and politics on everyday challenges: e.g. the structural dimension gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), the emerging of situated needs for different subjectivities in public and collective space. The aim of the Seasonal School is to enable students to understand the impact of such challenges on the society as a whole, from a political, legal and social perspective, raising a critical attitude informed by a feminist intersectional standpoint.

BEEP - Biology for human space exploration Classes will take place in presence from July 22nd to 26th, 2024.

The Seasonal School will offer an overview of specific topics of experimental biology and biomedicine in support of human exploration of space. With the dawn of commercial access and exploitation of space, the major space agencies including the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency are planning, with industrial support and investments, outposts for human crews to live and work in space. This course represents a unique opportunity to learn about how space exploration has provided experimental biology a new and unprecedented way to study life, and also will highlight the most compelling issues for a safe and productive inhabiting of space. Moreover, since space exploration is by definition a collective endeavour, it will be discussed how work in space may represent an inclusive opportunity.