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Sant'Anna School a virtuous example of interaction between Europe and Africa thanks to the AfricaConnect project, presented in Nairobi by Matteo dell'Acqua during the AU-EU Innovation Agenda Stakeholder Event

Publication date: 24.11.2022
Dell'Acqua Nairobi taglio
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Taking place in Nairobi (Kenya) the AU-EU Innovation Agenda Stakeholder Event, an initiative organized by the European Commission and the African Union that aims to gather results and input on the drafting of the AU-EU Innovation Agenda and to define its future research and development directions. The Sant'Anna School is present with Matteo dell'Acqua, Associate Professor of Agricultural Genetics and Coordinator of the Center of Plant Sciences at the Sant'Anna School, with a presentation on the goals and strategies of the AfricaConnect project, defined, in this context, as a virtuous example of interaction between Europe and Africa.


The AfricaConnect Project

AfricaConnect is a project deployed by the Sant'Anna School that has involved components of the institution for more than a decade. It is characterized by a participatory, transdisciplinary and applied approach that aims to contribute to the inclusive and sustainable development of Africa's enormous potential, involving 24 countries on the continent. The initiative is based on three fundamental pillars for the Sant'Anna School:

  • education, supporting study paths for African students both in Italy and in their home countries;
  • research, focusing on topics such as human rights, sustainability and health;
  • third mission, to engage the external community, especially through the media.


For a complete overview of the project, you can find all the information at this link