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Sant'Anna School honour students, in collaboration with LUISS University in Rome, are participating in the first phase of the Joint Stars exercise, organized by the Department of Defense

Publication date: 19.12.2022
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The first phase of the Joint Stars 2022/23 exercise at the Army's Simulation and Validation Center (CESIVA) in Civitavecchia has kicked off, involving Alberto Baldini, Elisa De Siati, Carlo Sapienza, Zahra Bel Arache and Angelica Gimbo , honour students from the Sant'Anna School, along with students and from LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. The initiative is named Joint Stars 2022 and is the first step in the planning of the interagency and joint force training cycle, decided by the Chief of Defense Staff and planned by the Joint Force Operational Summit Command (COVI). The aim is to foster interoperability between Armed Forces and State Armed Corps, in collaboration with institutions and universities.

This first stage of the project is scheduled to end on January the 27th, 2023, and consists of a Command Post Exercise (CPX)-type activity aimed at testing the planning capabilities of a national interagency staff of an operation to defend air, land and maritime space, cybersecurity and space, defend against chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear contamination, and counter threats arising from emerging technologies including those involving the use of drones including submarines.