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Sant'Anna Engage: the mailing list born to communicate the public engagement events organized by the Sant'Anna School. A direct link to increase a curious and informed community

Publication date: 08.06.2023
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As part of the Third Mission, the Innovation Ecosystems Unit has opened Sant'Anna Engage, the mailing list service created to provide information on all Public Engagement Events organized or sponsored by the Sant'Anna School.

Public Engagement events include: festivals, conferences, shows, concerts, exhibitions, installations, fairs, demonstrations, and all other initiatives open to the public, non-profit, with educational, cultural and development of the company.

The goal of the mailing list is therefore to create a direct link between the Scuola Sant'Anna and the public through initiatives to increase a curious and informed community.

Sant'Anna Engage joints he School's website and social channels and will allow anyone who wants to register to be updated on all the events.

To be part of the Engage community you need to fill out this form.


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