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Remembrance of Dr. Stefano Faralli during the IEEE Summer Topicals conference

Publication date: 27.07.2023
Ricordo Faralli
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The Sant’Anna School, one month after his passing, would like to remember Dr. Stefano Faralli who has been part of the Sant'Anna School community since 2001, initially as a postgraduate student, and then continuing his career as a Research Engineer and later as Assistant Professor. His research activities have ranged from optical communications to sensing, with relevant contributions on optical amplifiers, fiber and integrated sensors, and in the field of silicon photonics.

During the IEEE Summer Topicals international conference, held in Giardini Naxos (Catania) from July 17 to 19, Prof. John Bowers of the University of California Santa Barbara dedicated his talk to Dr. Stefano Faralli. During his moving speech, Prof. Bowers recalled Dr. Faralli's long time at the University of California, praising his commitment, human qualities and spirit of collaboration.

Throughout more than two decades of activity, Dr. Faralli has always demonstrated a deep passion for research and teaching, earning the esteem of his colleagues and a special place in the hearts of his students due to his human qualities and great helpfulness. He also contributed to establishing important international collaborations with prestigious scientific institutions, including McGill University in Canada, Ghent University in Belgium, and the University of California Santa Barbara, as recalled by Prof. John Bowers.

Dr. Faralli was also deeply committed to social work and actively participated in several associations, including "Pinkriot Arcigay Pisa" and the community "Agape", as well as being a member of the Italian Association of Organ Donors - AIDO and a volunteer for "Emergency" and "Amnesty International".  His humanity and natural empathy made him a unique person, always ready to listen, offer a word of support and a kind gesture to anyone close to him.

On the occasion of the upcoming conference "Photonics in Switching and Computing" to be held in Mantua from September 26-29, the organizers are planning to activate some initiatives in memory of researcher Dr. Stefano Faralli.


On the cover: John Bowers commemorates Stefano Faralli during the IEEE Summer Topicals international conference.