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Registration open until January 20, 2023 to participate in the Think Tank at the European Space Agency organized by Sustainable BCC Community to design, together with other European students, a sustainable refurbishment hypothesis for an ESA building

The initiative is part of the EELISA project, is free of charge and aimed at students enrolled in any degree program above the second year

Publication date: 12.12.2022
esa - Think tank
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The EELISA project, which counts the Sant'Anna School among its partners, invites students, who are enrolled from the second year onward of a university course, to apply for the Think Tank at the European Space Agency (ESA) organized by Sustainable BCC Community. The application deadline is Friday, January 20, 2023, and participation is completely free of charge.

The ESA-ESAC Think Tank - SUSTAINABLE BCC is an educational activity organized to promote innovation and generate new ideas to initiate a complete sustainable refurbishment of the European Space Agency (ESA) Building "A" in Spain. The project involves collaboration among students, researchers and faculty from across Europe to foster interchange in the spirit of the New European Bauhaus through an approach devoted to sustainability.

The initiative involves the participation of about 300 figures and is organized in a hybrid mode, with the possibility for 50 participants to work at the ESA-ESAC site in Villanueva de la Cañada (Spain). Activities include the cooperation of 6 working groups to analyze different facets of sustainability: its three pillars, social, economic and environmental, digitization and integration through the New European Bauhaus.

For more information and to apply: