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Proximity Care also in upper Versilia: extends the multi-year project that, thanks to technological innovation, prevention and promotion, aims to improve the quality of life in the inland areas of the province of Lucca

Activities begin in the municipalities of Seravezza and Stazzema: the planned actions and the interdisciplinary skills of the research team

Publication date: 25.03.2024
Proximity Care arriva a Seravezza e Stazzema
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Proximity Care, the multi-year project proposed by the Sant'Anna School, with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, which involves the Region of Tuscany, Asl Toscana Nord Ovest, the 23 municipalities of the inland areas of the province of Lucca and institutions of the "third sector", begins its activities also in upper Versilia, in the municipalities of Seravezza and Stazzema.

From the experience underway for three years in Garfagnana and Media Valle del Serchio, Proximity Care brings to Seravezza and Stazzema, as many as ten project lines launched on telemedicine, cancer screening, youth distress, and supports for caregivers, with the aim of making the inland area of the province of Lucca an integrated territorial laboratory of innovation of the Tuscan and national inland areas.

After delving into the characteristics and needs of Seravezza and Stazzema, the Proximity Care team defined a dedicated intervention plan, envisaging a series of actions with clinical, organizational and technological spin-offs, and with the involvement of researchers and technical staff from the Interdisciplinary Health Science Center of the Sant'Anna School. The project team engaged in the two upper Versilia municipalities possesses a wide range of expertise: from health management to medicine, from robotics to computer science, and from law. Synergy among the many disciplines is confirmed as the cornerstone of the Proximity Care project, which aims to introduce solutions with lasting impact on social and health systems and local communities.

In detail, the actions proposed for Seravezza and Stazzema concern the health and well-being of adolescents, with the Proxy Young activity (carried out in collaboration with the ISI Institute of Seravezza, the Monasterio Foundation, and the Zona distretto della Versilia) that involves teens in activities of education, promotion, cardiological screening, and correct lifestyles; the technological support of the emergency and urgent services, with the REC Visio118 Tele-emergency project, conducted in collaboration with the 118 Central of Upper Tuscany and the associations of the emergency system of the two municipalities of Upper Versilia, to support rescue actions. In Seravezza and Stazzema, innovative tools for the evaluation of policies and personal services will also be introduced, with the launch of the Observatory of People's Experiences and the involvement of citizenship.