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Pisa Chinese Film Festival: from the 27th to 30th of June, the 2021 edition of the festival entirely dedicated to Chinese cinema. Special edition in collaboration with Udine Far East Festival

Publication date: 17.06.2021
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The 2021 edition of the film festival entirely dedicated to China kicks off from 27 to 30 June. Organized by the Confucius Institute of Pisa, the new edition of the Pisa Chinese Film Festival is full of freshness. The first one is about the place and the temporal collocation. In fact, the screenings will be held outdoors, in the Garden of via la Nunziatina in Pisa, this time in the heart of June in Pisa, instead of the classic cinema hall location during the days of the Chinese New Year.

The second novelty concerns the new collaborations thanks to which the festival presents itself in a renewed form and content: the Udine Far East Film Festival, a real institution of Asian cinema in Italy, and the Cinema Arsenale of Pisa, already partner of the project in past editions, but which for the 2021 edition made an important contribution to giving a new look to the Pisa Chinese Film Festival.

All titles on the bill are free and in the original language (mandarin), with italian subtitles.

The composition of the 2021 bill made use of the precious collaboration with the Udine Far East Film Festival. A renewed approach, that has helped to identify some of the titles that have met the taste of the world's largest audience, with particular attention to fashions, characters, but also to the 'signatures' that enrich the panorama of the Chinese film industry. China represents a privileged observatory on what tastes are today, the avant-gardes, even the stories that sometimes bounce in the European context. Today the works of the masters active in China are a point of reference for many Western authors, demonstrating that the trend is increasingly reversing in favor of the Chinese market.

“In China, in Italy, and hopefully soon all over the world - is the wish of Yunlin Huang, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute of Pisa- we are entering a new phase, after the difficult months we have left behind. There are many signs of recovery, and it is important that nothing is left behind, first of all the dialogue between cultures, exchange, mutual recognition. This represents a barrier for the difficulties we will have to face, and at the same time an impetus for the challenges to come. So, let's start again from this beautiful edition of our Pisa Chinese Film Festival, with its popular and quality proposal that this year takes advantage of the work of important collaborations, such as the one with the Udine Far East Festival”.

“The 2021 edition - says Alberto Di Minin, Italian director of the Confucius Institute and professor at the Institute of Management of the Sant’Anna School - represents a watershed in the history of our Festival dedicated to China and its cinema. It is for many reasons: the summer location, the climate of new enthusiasm that we feel growing around cultural promotion. It is also, and above all, for collaborations. I want to greet with enthusiasm the friends of the Far East of Udine, whose contribution in scientific and qualitative terms has been truly generous. As a Friulian transplanted to Pisa for years, I feel personally proud of the birth of this understanding and collaboration, which we plan to continue for the next editions. In the same way, a special thanks goes to the animators of the Cinema Arsenale, who are also confirmed as indispensable collaborators of our project for 2021. We want to start again from here too, from the pleasure of meeting in a beautiful setting to exchange opinions, points of view, visions of the world: the Pisa Chinese Film Festival is all this”.


Access to each event of the Festival is free and open. You must reserve your seat in the room at the following link


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Download the poster for the 2021 edition.

Download the complete program of the 2021 edition.