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PhD Welcome Day, the Sant'Anna School's welcome to new PhD students. 124 scholarship-funded positions, including 39 with PNRR funds, in strategic areas of innovation and research

Publication date: 08.11.2022
PhD Scuola 2
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A bridge to the future. Where research pushes forward to make its contribution to technological development in key areas of our society. Compared to last year, there is a significant increase in the number of PhD students entering the Sant'Anna School to begin an educational path closely related to research. In particular, 124 new PhD students from the School's ten PhD courses will be welcomed to the Sant'Anna School on Friday, November 11th, at 10 a.m. The ceremony will include speeches by Rector Sabina Nuti and PhD coordinators' representative Fabio Iraldo.

124 new positions, all funded by scholarships

For the academic year 2022-23, there are 124 activated positions, all of which are fully funded by scholarships. The increase in positions (which was already underway in the 2021-22 academic year with the publication of an additional call for 29 positions funded under the 2014-2020 National Operational Program "Research and Innovation” 2014-2020) is largely due to the 39 scholarships funded under the projects of the PNRR, National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Of these 39 scholarships, 20 are funded under Ministerial Decree No. 351 of April 09, 2022 for attending doctoral paths in specifically dedicated programs, under the PNRR, and Ministerial Decree No. 352 of April 09, 2022 for attending paths for innovative doctorates that respond to the innovation needs of businesses, also under the PNRR.

The other 19 grants are funded within other PNRR projects in which the School is involved, divided as follows:

- 14 doctoral scholarships within the "THE - Tuscany Health Ecosystem" project;

- 2 doctoral scholarships within the "Agritech" project;

- 1 doctoral scholarship within the "BRIEF - Biorobotics Research and Innovation Engineering Facilities" project.

- 2 doctoral scholarships within the project ""

The Sant'Anna School's doctoral programs aim to link basic and applied research, with a strong focus on the demands for innovation from industry and public institutions in key areas such as biorobotics, agrobiodiversity, economics, law, agrobioscience, emerging digital technologies, translational medicine, health science, human rights, and innovation management. The programs are designed for graduate students from Italy and abroad, admitted after a selective examination that enhances their educational background and aptitude for scientific research and interdisciplinarity.


Welcome Day program

Welcome Day ceremony will include opening institutional greetings by Rector Sabina Nuti, and speeches by Fabio Iraldo, representative of the PhD coordinators, Giuliana Freschi and Elisabetta Cappa, representatives of the PhD students, and Chiara Magini, head of the U.O. PhD.

This is followed by a presentation by the coordinators on the PhD programs offered by the Sant'Anna School. At the conclusion, Andrea Mina, pro-rector for international relations, explains the international EELISA project in which Sant'Anna School is a partner and its mobility and research opportunities.

The PhD Welcome Day is streamed live on the Sant'Anna School's YouTube channel at the following link: