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National Doctoral School in Cybersecurity. Sant'Anna School offers a PhD Scholarship related to the Specialization Curriculum “Software, System, and Infrastructure Security”

The deadline for the applications is 3 October 2022
Publication date: 23.08.2022
PhD in cybersecurity
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The Sant'Anna School is participating, together with 23 other universities, the CNR and ten companies, in the National Doctoral School in Cybersecurity, organised by the Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca, in collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Laboratory. 
The most ambitious training course on cybersecurity in Italy, for which 38 scholarships are available, is divided into four different tracks: Foundational Aspects in Cybersecurity; Software, System, and Infrastructure Security; Data Governance and Protection; and Human, Economic, and Legal Aspects in Cybersecurity. 

The PhD is coordinated by Professor Rocco De Nicola, Rector of the IMT School, deputy director of the CINI National Cybersecurity Laboratory and director of the Competence Centre on Cybersecurity of the Tuscany Region (C3T). 
Sant'Anna School contributes to the training course and provides a scholarship for the "Software, System, and Infrastructure Security" curriculum. The objective of the research activity, which will take place at the RETIS Lab of TeCIP Institute (
Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, and Photonics), is the study of detection techniques for cyber-attacks and system-level defense mechanisms.

"The security of information systems is a fundamental aspect of digital technologies. The objective of the PhD is to develop concrete skills to counter new digital threats comments Alessandro Biondi, associate professor at the TECIP Institute dell’Istituto TeCIP.

"We have been working on the construction of a national doctorate in cybersecurity for more than four years," comments Rocco De Nicola, "the many cyber attacks on essential services, the realisation of the shortage of experts, and the PNRR funds have made its activation possible. We have great challenges ahead of us, and we are confident that with everyone's commitment we will succeed in training a new generation of professionals capable of developing secure and reliable digital infrastructures to respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks'.

The deadline for the applications is 3 October 2022. More information can be found on the official website.