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Monitoring the agricultural and forestry environment: scheduled for November 6, 7 and 8, in Pisa, the international workshop "MetroAgriFor" sponsored by Sant'Anna School

Organized by the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agri-environmental Sciences of the University of Pisa and the Crop Science Research Center of the Sant'Anna School 

Publication date: 02.03.2023
Metroagrifor 23
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A new edition of the IEEE International Workshop "Metrology for Agriculture and Forestry" (MetroAgriFor) is scheduled for November 6, 7 and 8, 2023, at the Le Benedettine Conference Center (Pisa). The conference, which counts on the patronage of the Sant'Anna School together with the University of Pisa, aims to create an active forum where academics, researchers and industry experts in the field of measurement and data processing techniques for Agriculture, Forestry and Food can meet and share new advances and research results. Attention is paid, but not limited to, new technologies for agriculture and forestry environment monitoring, food quality monitoring, metrology-assisted production in agriculture, forestry and food industries, sensors and associated signal conditioning for agriculture and forestry, calibration methods for electronic test and measurement for environmental and food applications.

The event, organized by Giovanni Caruso, professor at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Agri-Environmental Sciences (University of Pisa), and Luca Sebastiani, professor at the Crop Science Research Center of the Sant'Anna School, includes the announcement of several awards for scientific papers in the categories of "Best Conference Paper Award", "Best Paper Presented by a Young Researcher", "Best Paper Presented by a Woman", and "Best Poster Award".

Full details available on this website.