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Marina Militare and the Sant'anna School together for defense culture: collaboration signed in the field of scientific-technological research and personnel training with the TeCIP (Telecommunications, Informatics and Photonics) Institute

Publication date: 13.03.2023
Firma Tecip Marina Militare
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The Sant'Anna School and its Institute of Telecommunications, Informatics and Photonics (TeCIP) signed a collaboration agreement with the Marina Militare at the Salone dei Marmi of Palazzo Marina in Rome.

With a view to pursuing goals of functionality, effectiveness and cost-efficiency, the Centro di Supporto e Sperimentazione Navale (CSSN) and the TeCIP Institute of the Sant'Anna School will make available their respective knowledge and resources to carry out activities of common interest, aimed at progress in the fields of technology, science and logistics.  Specifically, the joint experimental and research actions concern advanced photonic technologies and integrated photonic circuits applied to optical, wireless and sensor communications, sensor systems and intelligent mobile units for monitoring, communication and surveillance of areas of interest.

That's not all: the agreement - with a three-year, renewable term - includes the possibility for Marina Militare staff to attend innovative training programs provided by the Sant'Anna School.

Signatories of the protocol are the Navy Chief, Admiral Enrico Credendino, and Piero Castoldi, Director of the TeCIP Institute of the Sant'Anna School.

"Marina Militare and the Sant'Anna School are two national excellences that have decided to collaborate together, with a focus firmly on the goal of scientific and technological development", said the Capo di Stato Maggiore of Marina Militare, Admiral Enrico Credendino.

"This agreement represents an important step for the development of new innovative solutions in technological fields of common interest and an added value for our entire country", stressed TeCIP Director Piero Castoldi.

Sabina Nuti, Rector of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna emphasizes, "Scuola Sant'Anna considers this agreement with the Navy strategic in order to strengthen its research and training partnerships".


Cover: Enrico Credendino and Piero Castoldi. Copyright Marina Militare.