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Maker Faire is back: the expo for innovation and future technologies in Rome, from October 7 to 9. Sant'Anna School exhibition spaces and projects of the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence presented

Publication date: 04.10.2022
Progetto TELOS
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Two exhibition spaces of Sant’Anna School in Rome, from October 7 to 9, for Maker Faire, one of the largest events on innovation and an opportunity for innovators, research organizations, startups, creatives and enthusiasts to share and explore technologies for the future. The fair, now in its tenth edition, is promoted and organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, thanks to the contribution of numerous partners, and aims to address all the key components of innovation: from digital manufacturing to the Internet of Things, from Robotics to Artificial Intelligence, from Circular Economy to Agritech, passing through Biohacking, Big Data and the Aerospace sector.

Sant'Anna School is participating in Maker Faire in Rome with two exhibition spaces related to projects coordinated by Massimo Bergamasco, director of the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence of Sant'Anna School, and Antonio Frisoli, professor of engineering and robotics at Sant'Anna School. The two booths will provide an opportunity to learn more about wearable devices and technologies supporting workplace safety.


The exhibition spaces of Sant'Anna School


Institute of Mechanical Intelligence - INAIL Exhibition Space

The Institute of Mechanical Intelligence of Sant'Anna School will be present in the INAIL exhibition space at Maker Faire Rome 2022, October 7-9, with an immersive motion-based simulator, which reconstructs the functionality of an elevating work platform for lifting people and, through the accurate reproduction of complex work scenarios, provides a training tool to support the education and safety training of operators.

The simulator combines an immersive virtual environment and the components of a real-life elevating work platform to create a mixed reality in which to train operators safely in operating this type of platform. The simulator is the result of the BRiC 35/1 project carried out with financial support from INAIL through the BRiC 2019 Call for Collaborative Research.

The project, coordinated by Massimo Bergamasco, has the Department of Translational Research and New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Pisa as a partner institution.


Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) Group

The Human-Robot Intercation (HRI) group of Sant'Anna School takes part in the fair by exhibiting haptic devices: miniaturized and wearable mechatronic devices that provide tactile feedback to the user. The development of the technologies presented is carried out as part of the TELOS and RoboGYM research projects, in which the Sant'Anna School team takes part by competing to apply the devices to the field of rehabilitation. The rehabilitation moment is performed by the patient through immersive virtual reality, taking advantage of "serious games" to approach exercises, capable of increasing participation.

The Human-Robot-Interaction group of Sant'Anna School, coordinated by Antonio Frisoli, consists of Daniele Leonardis and Domenico Chiaradia, researchers at the Institute of Mechanical Intelligence, along with Cristian Camardella, a research fellow at the same institute, and Tommaso Bagneschi, a postgraduate student at the TeCIP Institute of Sant'Anna School.