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LEarning chinese language by playing tennis table: SANT’ANNA school confucius institute WILL host A SUMMER game-based learning INITIATIVE IN JULY

Publication date: 22.05.2018
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Games have great potential for learning languages. The Sant’Anna School Confucius Institute in cooperation with the Associazione Dilettantistica Sportiva del Ping Pong Acsi Pisa, will host a new summer initiative dedicated to the improvement of Chinese language learning under the theme “Learning Chinese Language by playing Ping-Pong”. This summer initiative, taking place at the  Scuola Nazionale Acsi Tennis Tavolo (via Carducci 13, San Giuliano Terme – Pisa), from July 16-21 and July 23-28 between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm, is open to students between the ages of 8 and 14.

By introducing the ping-pong as a game peculiar to Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute aims to strengthen ties among the students and to foster cross-cultural interaction. Two tennis table teachers from Chongqing University and the Confucius Institute teachers will help build a bridge between Italy and China and provide the students with an opportunity to develop psychomotor, social and cognitive learning domains.

Registration forms (courses require a minimum of 16 enrolments) may be submitted to Scuola Nazionale Acsi Tennis Tavolo - Pisa.