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ITALY-China relationship: italian parliamentary delegation visits the galileo galilei italian institute IN CHONGQING

Publication date: 14.11.2018
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A delegation of Italian parliamentarians led by the President of Foreign Affairs Committee Vito Petrocelli visited the Galileo Galilei Italian Institute (GGII) at the University of Chongqing, China. Alberto Di Minin, Professor of Management at Sant’Anna School and the Director of GGII Galileo Galilei Institute together with Anna Facchinetti, Executive Director of the GGII and Alessandro Zadro, Program Manager at GGII, gave an overview of Sant’anna School- Chongqing University partnership explaining their strong and strategic cooperation for science, technology and innovation.

The Sant’anna School - Chongqing University "Sino-Italian Innovation Base-Camp" project was officially launched in 2017 by Consul General of Italy and Chongqing authorities. The project outlined a commitment for both higher education institutions to take science and innovation partnership to a new level. Sant’Anna School and Chongqing University have a strong foundation of existing collaboration, including five Italian universities that over the past decade have continuously expanded the scope of the cooperation.

Liu Hanlong, Vice President of Chongqing University, identified science and technology as the primary engine of development and emphasized the role of universities in the innovation process for a sustainable economy. Liu has prioritised the Sant’anna School - Chongqing University cooperation to jointly tackle global challenges and drive scientific research. Chinese academics Xu Jun, Xiang Hong, Wang Xiaoming, Ye Zhiyi and Tian Ni participated in the meeting focused on joint projects and priority areas for collaboration in a variety of research fields, including engineering, life sciences, and environmental technologies.

Professor Alberto Di Minin, said: "As China enters into a new era, our Galilei Institute will increase multilateral cooperation on science and innovation to achieve academic benefit and build a social community of shared values. Our parliamentarians recognized Sant’Anna School and Italian universities commitment to ensuring technology and science remain at the core of the “Made in Italy” production to boost Italy towards the leadership of fourth industrial revolution”.

The delegation of Italian parliamentarians included Primo Di Nicola, Gianluca Ferrara, Tony Iwobi, Ettore Licheri, Barbara Masini, Gennaro Migliore, Michela Montevecchi, Vito Petrocelli, Gabriele Toccafondi, and Manuel Vescovi.