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Italy-Africa cooperation: kicks off a series of training courses for the African judiciary, organized by the Sant'Anna School. "The commitment to contributing to making the rule of law stronger in this difficult but crucial area"

The initiative counts on the support of the Farnesina and the collaboration of local counterparts
Publication date: 28.02.2023
De Guttry
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The Sant'Anna School, thanks to the decisive support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), is carrying out in these days in Chad the first of a series of training courses directed to magistrates of African countries ("Techniques of international project management," N'Djamena, February 27-March 2, 2023). The course aims to strengthen the skills of local magistrates related to the design, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of projects that are funded by the European Union and other international donors in the justice sector. The training program aims to improve the capacity of local actors (and in a special way, of the country's Ministry of Justice) to properly manage the increasing number of international cooperation projects in favor of the local judiciary sector.

The organization of the training courses is part of the project "Strengthening the Judicial Systems of African Countries through Training" (2022-2023), funded by MAECI and coordinated by Andrea de Guttry, professor of international law at the DIRPOLIS (Law, Politics, Development) Institute of the Sant'Anna School. The new edition of the 2022-2023 project is in continuity with the training and capacity-building activities in favor of the judiciary in Sahelian countries already undertaken during the projects funded by MAECI in previous years (2018-2022) and includes several in-depth studies on specific issues with the participation of Italian and African experts and academics. The next training activities will take place in March (Cameroon), May (Niger, Mali, Cameroon), June (Niger, Mali, Chad) and in distance mode in October.

The countries involved in the project represent priority areas for Italian cooperation, and this project aims to strengthen the capacity and skills of local magistrates by enhancing their knowledge of, among other things, the national, regional, and international legal framework in the areas of counter-terrorism and countering organized crime and human trafficking, international judicial cooperation, cybercrime, and personal data protection.

"These countries constitute a key area in the geopolitical balances between Europe and Africa", comments Andrea de Guttry, director of the program and professor of International Law at the DIRPOLIS (Law, Politics, Development) Institute of the Sant'Anna School, who emphasizes how "the project, funded by MAECI and coordinated by the Sant'Anna School, testifies, once again, to Italy's commitment to contributing to making the rule of law stronger in this difficult but crucial area for the stability of the African continent and Europe".


On the cover: Andrea de Guttry