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International awards: Raffaele Danna, Martina Iori and Andrea Mina (Institute of Economics of the Sant'Anna School) winners of the “Best Paper” award of the DRUID 2022 Conference at Copenhagen Business School

Since 1995, DRUID (The Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics) has established itself as one of the world's premier academic conferences on innovation and the dynamics of structural, institutional and geographic change. The study winning this important award explores the role of knowledge transmission in history and provides new evidence about the positive impact caused by the circulation of Hindu-Arabic numerals on economic growth in pre-modern times

Publication date: 16.06.2022
Druid Conference: Premio a Raffale Danna, Martina Iori, Andrea Mina
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A new, prestigious international award for the Professors and Researchers of Sant'Anna School. The study conducted by Raffaele Danna (Research Fellow), Martina Iori (Assistant Professor), Andrea Mina (Full Professor) at the Institute of Economics of Sant'Anna School wins the "Best Paper Award" at the DRUID2022 Conference, which recently concluded in Copenhagen.

The conference, during which the award was given to the study "A numerical revolution: the diffusion of practical mathematics and the growth of pre-modern European economies," is considered one of the most prestigious global venues for studies on innovation and industrial dynamics, and attracts academics from around the world every year since 1995.

The award-winning paper focuses on the role of knowledge transmission in history and provides new evidence about the positive impact caused by the circulation of Hindu-Arabic numerals on economic growth in pre-modern Europe. The study builds on data about arithmetic manuals of the time, outlining how their diffusion in dedicated schools revolutionized commercial practices and transformed the economic systems of European cities.