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International awards: Giovanni Dosi, Full Professor at the Institute of Economics of the Sant'Anna School, awarded the Penrose Award conferred by EURAM (European Academy of Management) for trail-blazing researchers on evolutionary economics

One of his research papers on evolutionary economics won the award as it was judged trail-blazing research. The work of Giovanni Dosi, one of two Italian professors honored, capable of bringing new influences to the management panorama, thanks, in part, to its interdisciplinary

Publication date: 20.06.2022
Giovanni Dosi
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An important international award has been bestowed on two Italian university Full Professors by EURAM (European Academy of Management). The "Edith Penrose for Trail-blazing researchers" award, dedicated to the famous economist and the first women faculty in INSEAD (Institut européen d'administration des affaires), goes to Giovanni Dosi and Anna Grandori, respectively a Full Professor at the Institute of Economics of the Sant'Anna School and a Full Professor of the Bocconi University.

Giovanni Dosi's contribution, which stemmed from both a brilliant theoretical intuition and observations of technological change in sectors, was awarded due to its "strong influence on management research on technology strategies and the management of innovation for firms, as well as on industrial economics and industrial innovation policy”.