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International award: alumnus Iacopo Gronchi, alumnus of Sant'Anna School, is among the three winners of the Student and Early Career Awards 2022 

Publication date: 07.11.2022
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Iacopo Gronchi, former student of Political Science at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, and now PhD student at University College London (UCL), is awarded an important international recognition by the Regional Studies Association, in the category Student and Early Career Awards 2022"Student and Early Career Awards 2022". The award aims to valorise original studies, by young students and researchers, capable of making a strong contribution to the regional studies and has judged positively Iacopo Gronchi's paper 'Rethinking embedded autonomy: Innovation governance in comparative perspective', in an extremely competitive selection.  
Every year, the Regional Studies Association, an international society that focuses on regional analysis and aims to create a high-level academic network, awards a series of prizes and research grants to recognise excellence from around the world, creating opportunities and an inclusive environment based on sharing.