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Human genomics: the Sant'Anna School participates in new European project to unlock its potential. Toward the creation of a data infrastructure for secure access to human genetics and related clinical data

Publication date: 17.11.2022
Kickoff meeting genoma
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A new project under the Digital Europe Program on the European Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI), funded by the European Union with 40 million euros and participating Member States, kicks off in Brussels (Belgium) with the coordination of ELIXIR and the participation of the Sant'Anna School, represented by Giovanni Comande', professor of Comparative Private Law at the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Policy, Development) and scientific head of Liber Lab, and the involvement of the Università Cattolica, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù and Alleanza Contro il Cancro.

The main goal of the project is to realize the "1+ Million Genomes" (1+MG) initiative by enabling, through the creation of a European-wide genomic data infrastructure, secure access to human genetics and related clinical data across Europe. Unlocking genomic potential aims to improve research, personalized health care, and health policymaking in a way that creates benefits for the health of every European citizen, for the healthcare systems of reference, and for the economy more generally.

The project is based on three pillars: long-term sustainability, which will enable the infrastructure to operate even after the end of the initiative; effective deployment of the infrastructure to ensure interoperability of resources; and, finally, presentation of use cases, useful for users to understand the solutions provided by the project

Cover photo: Kick off Meeting.