Food security and food sustainability, robotics and smart machines, innovation platforms: Sant’Anna School welcomes new faculty members stimulate public interest in their research focus from september 23 to october 14, 2020

Sant’Anna School welcomes new faculty members engaging the audience in Pisa, or virtually - to be responsive to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. Three associate professors, Mariagrazia Alabrese (Agricultural Law – Dirpolis Institute), Marco Fontana (Applied Mechanics – TeCIP Institute), and Laura Magazzini (Econometrics – Institute of Economics) will share thoughts and insights with a wider public translating their academic interests into lectures and contemporary events.

Lectures and focus groups are scheduled on Wednesday, September 23 and 30, and October 14 at 6.30 pm – room aula magna, piazza Martiri della Libertà 33.  Bringing value to our community about sharing research-related content get new faculty members more responsive to society issues on food security and food sustainability, robotics and smart machines, and innovation platforms.

The agenda for the lectures is as follows:

On Wednesday, September 23, 6.30 pm, professor Andreas de Guttry, director of the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics and Development) will welcome Mariagrazia Alabrese, assistant professor of Agricultural Law, presenting her research on “Dalla food security alla food sustainability: le sfide per il diritto”.

On Wednesday, September 30, 6.30 pm, professor Giorgio Buttazzo, director of the TeCIP Institute (Communication, Information and Perception Technology) will welcome Marco Fontana, assistant professor of Applied Mechanics, presenting his research on “Macchine e materiali intelligenti per un futuro sostenibile”.

On Wednesday, October 14, 6.30 pm, professor Alessandro Nuvolari, director of the Institute of Economics, will welcome Laura Magazzini, assistant professor of Econometrics, presenting her research on “L’econometria per lo studio delle dinamiche di innovazione”.