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Fondazione Il Talento all'Opera onlus, Patrizia Alma Pacini is the new president: "In 2023 grants and interventions for more than 250 thousand euros, the result of support from local and national companies"

The "third sector" philanthropic organization is made up of private entreprises in partnership with the Sant'Anna School. Rector Sabina Nuti: "Thanks to outgoing president Gina Giani for the results of these three years and good work to the newly installed Board of Directors" 

Publication date: 16.03.2023
sabina nuti e patrizia alma pacini
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New Board of Directors and new president (Patrizia Alma Pacini) have taken over for Il Talento all'Opera onlus, a "third sector" philanthropic organization made up of private entreprises, which, with the partnership of the Sant'Anna School, with the purpose to promote the merit and talent of students, with particular attention to those who come from fragile social, economic or geographic backgrounds. In recent days, the assembly of founders and participants renewed the Board and, at its first meeting, elected Patrizia Alma Pacini as president. Gaetano Terrasini (CEO of Saint-Gobain Italia) was elected as vice president, and Luca Gori (researcher at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) was confirmed as General secretary.

  Other members on the Board are Stefano Bottai (Toscana Aeroporti), Luigi Doveri (Forti Holding), Alvise Insalaco (List), Andrea Porcaro D'Ambrosio (Assofarm), Giuseppe Sardu (Acque), and Chiara Valdata (Dedalus). Patrizia Alma Pacini, who has just completed her term as president of the Unione Industriale Pisana, and now serving as Vice President of the Unione, contributing to its further development and also to the consolidation of relations with the academic world, has been vice president of the non-profit Il Talento all'Opera since its establishment in 2020. Patrizia Alma Pacini takes over from Gina Giani (former CEO of Toscana Aeroporti), who led the start-up phase of Talento all'Opera, leading it to very positive results. Elena Pignatelli has been confirmed as the Audit.

  The mission of Fondazione Il Talento all'Opera onlus is to ensure - with targeted fundings- all necessary conditions for the "capable and deserving" - thanks to the collaboration with Sant’Anna School - for enjoying the right to a university education, targeted university guidance, logistical and material support as well as access to the most innovative and challenging research experiences.

  To date the companies supporting Il Talento all'Opera onlus are the following: A.S.SO. FARM, Abiogen Pharma SpA, Acque SpA, Agenzia SAI 1085 Snc, Asso Werke SpA, Banca Popolare di Lajatico SCpA, CEMES SpA, CO&SO - Consorzio per la Cooperazione e la Solidarietà, Conceria Nuti Ivo SpA, Dedalus Italia SpA, Eni Corporate University, Ergo Srl, EY Foundation, Fondazione Carlo Laviosa Ets, Forti Holding SpA, Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, IUVO Srl, Lapi Group SpA, List SpA, Saint-Gobain Italia SpA, Toscana Aeroporti SpA, Unione Industriale Pisana.

Among the most relevant projects of the non-profit Fondazione Il Talento all'Opera are the support provided for the renovation of the Santa Croce in Fossabanda complex (which will become a new Sant'Anna's campus), the financing of scholarships for ordinary students of the Sant'Anna School, the support of programs for their international mobility (in 2023, to Africa) and the funding of incoming guidance activities, in particular with the ME.MO. project(Merit and Social Mobility) and the STEM course, to support the university choice of young girls who want to engage in scientific disciplines.

  "Picking up Gina Giani's baton", stresses new president Patrizia Alma Pacini, "is not easy. In these first three years, even in the middle of the Covid 'storm', the foundation has worked to extend the possibilities of access to university education students, accompanying them from entry guidance to placement in the world of work. This path became real thanks to the strong collaboration between the Sant'Anna School and the Unione Industriale Pisana, which believed and invested in this important project and gave it impetus. The existance of Il Talento all'Opera onlus is an absolutely necessary reality in a city like Pisa where the excellences of research, education and industry have the opportunity to interact with each other and continue on the path of networking. For 2023", Patrizia Alma Pacini announced, "our work plan includes funsings and interventions for more than 250,000 euros, which are the result of the support of local and national companies that have shown their belief in the foundation. This is a significant achievement and capable of generating positive social impacts. Now we will start to work on raising the awareness of our mission among new companies".

"The experience of the foundation has brought a new way of working between the Sant'Anna School and the business world", comments Sabina Nuti, rector of the Sant'Anna School, "and has made it possible to sign a 'collaboration agreement'. The 'exchange' of experiences, practices, visions is the basis of our work. I thank Gina Giani and the outgoing Board for taking up this challenge; and I wish good work to the new Board: we will travel together along new paths to enhance merit and promote social mobility".