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EYE-TECh, a spin-off of Sant'Anna School, which develops optical sensors that imitate the human eye, wins the Intesa San Paolo Innovation Award, during the Seatec and Compotec Marine Exhibition

Publication date: 20.03.2023
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EYE-TECh, a spin-off of Sant'Anna School, based in Massa Carrara, won the Intesa San Paolo Startup Innovation Award during the Seatec and Compotec Marine exhibition, the show dedicated to pleasure boating and subcontracting, held in Marina of Carrara.

The EYE-TECh sensor had already won the "Research, development and digital innovation" award from the Regione Toscana thanks to its flexibility and uniqueness in configuring the light response of the vision sensor based on the light conditions of the scene it is acquiring, just like the human eye does.

Monica Vatteroni is the CEO of EYE-TECh, a company she founded in 2012. After a period, between 2015 and 2021, she return to Italy and now boasts various experiences in the industrial and academic sector.

This important acknowledgment is the demonstration that even in our area it is possible to innovate at a high level and with important prospects for application and growth.

Photo: licenced by Canva