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Environmental sustainability in the world of sport at the heart of the second Steering Committee of the Erasmus+ Sport project "GAMES", coordinated by the SuM Laboratory of the Institute of Management at the Sant'Anna School

Publication date: 19.12.2022
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The partners of the Erasmus+ Sport project "GAMES", coordinated by Tiberio Daddi, professor of Business Economics and Management at the Institute of Management, together with the working group of the SuM (Sustainability and Management) Laboratory of the Sant'Anna School formed by Niccolò Todaro, Alessio Novi, Daniele Casiddu, Romina Puccetti and Elena Cellai, are meeting in Pisa at the Sant'Anna School. The meeting is a key moment to talk about the state of the art of the activities undertaken and to plan the next steps to improve the environmental sustainability and carbon footprint of athletics, biathlon and floorball sport events.

The team from Sant'Anna School has collected and analyzed a high number of best practices applicable to the three sports involved in the project. They will then be further integrated by the sports partners and later selected to define Guidelines for the decarbonization of their activities. In addition, the SuM Lab team illustrates the environmental audits undertaken with World Athletics during the Diamond League and with the International Floorball Federation during the Men's World Floorball Championship.

The project goes on to include interviews with key players in the sports involved to investigate opportunities for improvement in both environmental governance and operational terms. This helps define what will be the planned decarbonization actions that participating organizations will implement in the next phases of the initiative.

Finally, the conference addressed the planning of training, awareness and dissemination activities, in line with the project's other goal of improving the environmental knowledge and awareness of sportsmen and sportswomen and fans.

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