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Diploma Award Ceremony at the Sant'Anna School. “Talent and merit essential to address the challenges of our time”

Publication date: 18.02.2023
Cerimonia consegna diplomi
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Talent and Merit in Celebration: the Diploma Award Ceremony to around 150 honor students and phd students took place at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. It was not only a moment to celebrate a prestigious milestone, but also a moment of awareness for many young students, called upon to face the challenges of present and future society. "Talent and merit are fundamental for facing the challenges of our time," said Rector Sabina Nuti, who introduced the ceremony with a welcome speech. Also speaking were Arianna Menciassi, vice-Rector, Anna Loretoni Dean of the Faculty of social sciences, Cesare Stefanini, Dean of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences and Fabio Iraldo, Representative of Coordinators of PhD Courses.

The statements

"You are students who attended the School at a special time, marked first by the pandemic and then by international issues. All this has strengthened our sense of community. In recent years, the Scuola has been committed to strengthening education because we are certain that talent and merit are fundamental for facing the challenges of the world," says Rector  Sabina Nuti.

"Education includes principles such as the inclusion of diversity, respect for each other, and non-violence in managing personal relationships. I wish our students to always look beyond the horizon with curiosity and measured ambition and to contribute to the country and the world with intelligence and a critical spirit," says Anna Loretoni.

"Intellect allows us to overcome the limits of inequality. Your intellect must be the lever to solve the problems that affect the world and society,' adds Cesare Stefanini.

"Today only 0.4 per cent of the working population has a PhD but 93.5 per cent of those with a phd in Italy find employment. In general, the share of researchers with a phd in all fields has been growing a lot in recent years. The PNRR has given a fundamental impetus (an increase of more than 20 per cent in the total number of PhD scholarships in Italy by 2022). The crucial challenge is now to keep these investments structural and stable over time,' concludes Fabio Iraldo