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The collaboration between Italy and Cameroon continues: a new advanced training course, with the support of the Farnesina and the scientific coordination of Sant'Anna School, to prevent and counter "Corruption and Economic Crime" was concluded in Yaoundé

Andrea de Guttry, full professor of International Law: "We continue our efforts, with the decisive support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, to strengthen the rule of law in an area crucial to the stability of the African continent and Europe"

Publication date: 18.06.2024
Corso di alta formazione a Yaoundé (Camerun)
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The cooperation activities between Italy and Cameroon are continuing thanks to the organization of the new advanced training course on "Corruption and Economic Crime," thanks to the support of the Sant'Anna School. On Thursday, June 13, the advanced training course under the scientific coordination of Andrea de Guttry, full professor of International Law at the Sant'Anna School, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in collaboration with ENAM (École Nationale d'Administration et de Magistrature) ended in Yaoundé.

The advanced training course, intended for senior civil servants from several local ministries, aimed to strengthen and consolidate the knowledge and skills needed to effectively prevent, detect and respond to corruption and economic crime, within their respective administrative units, to promote a culture of integrity, transparency and accountability. The project involved the participation of Italian and local lecturers with relevant expertise, both theoretical and practical; notable among them are Pierpaolo Rivello, former military attorney general at the Court of Cassation, and Claudio Petrozziello, of the II Department of the Guardia di Finanza, an expert in anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism, who has been involved in national and international economic-financial investigations for many years.

The strategic relevance of this initiative is evidenced by the intervention of the Italian ambassador to Cameroon, Filippo Scammacca del Murgo, who graced the closing ceremony with his participation. The organization of this new advanced training course is part of the project "Strengthening the judicial systems of African countries through training (2023-24)," in which the Sant'Anna School has been engaged for several years in training and capacity-building activities in the Sahel region. For the success of this activity, the support guaranteed by the Farnesina and the Italian Embassy in Yaoundé has been decisive.

"This advanced training course," comments Andrea de Guttry, "further consolidates the Italian commitment in Cameroon and highlights the leading role of the Sant'Anna School, thanks to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in designing and conducting technical cooperation activities and in strengthening the rule of law in this area so crucial for the stability of the African continent and Europe.