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Climate transition and the Theoretical, Ethical and Economic Profiles: workshop, June 16th, 2022, in Paris, promoted by the Sant'Anna School and the ENS in the framework of the EELISA Network. Focus on the topics of natural resource management

Publication date: 14.06.2021
Transizione climatica
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The Research Area in Public Ethics of the Sant’Anna School (Pisa) and the Institut Jean-Nicod of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS, Paris) will hold the one-day workshop Managing Scarce Resources in the Climate Change Era: "Theoretical, Ethical and Economic profiles". The event - June 16th, 2022 starting at 9.00 AM, hosted at “Aqua Mater” Sebastian Salgado exhibit, Parvis de la Defense, 21800 Puteaux, Paris - will focus on the topics of natural resource management in the run up to the climate transition.  

The workshop is designed and organised within the EELISA network to establish research collaboration between the two universities and is an opportunity for researchers from both institutions to present their research, in order to advance joint research proposals in the future. The first part of the workshop will include a series of talks by researchers from both institutions. Roberto Casati (Full Professor at the ENS) will present a talk on the topic: “Toilet flush between low tech design and institutional design” and Alberto Pirni (Associate Professor at the Sant'Anna School) will present “Addressing the motivational gap in the face of intergenerational indifference” as part of the panel on Big Issues.  

Fausto Corvino (Researcher at the Sant'Anna School) and Martina Zanetti (PhD candidate at the Sant'Anna School), will present, respectively, “Is Carbon Pricing the Silver Bullet for an Inclusive and Equitable Climate Transition?” and “Rethinking Anthropocene Political Subjectivity: The Ecoposthuman Subject” as part of the panel on Political Economy. In turn and as part of the same panel,  Eva Wanek (PhD Candidate at the ENS), will focus her attention on the topic “Normative Issues Around Environmental Valuation”. Finally, Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde (Full Professor at the ENS) will speak on The Legal Technology of Rights for Nature, while Alex Putzer (PhD candidate at the Sant'Anna School) will present “The Rights of Nature as a Panchreston. The Importance of a Common Lingo” as part of the panel on Rights of Nature.  

The second part of the workshop will host two keynote speakers. Participants to the workshop are welcome to attend the lectures by Peter Godfrey-Smith (Full Professor at the University of Sydney) and Michael Rescorla (UCLA). Godfrey-Smith will present “Later Stages, Objections, and Alternatives” and Rescorla will present “The State of the Ocean”.

Online access HERE.

In addition, the “Aqua MaterSebastian Salgado exhibit event, hosted at Parvis de la Defense, 21800 Puteaux, will be held on Wednesday 15 July starting at 5.00 pm. Thursday 16 June, starting at 5.30 pm, the opening event will be held: "OCEAN 1: 1" by Alice Cuvelier, hosted at École norma supérieure, Espace Curie, 29 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris.