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Cesare Stefanini, full professor of Industrial Bioengineering, is the new director of the BioRobotics Institute for the three-year academic period 2023-2026

Publication date: 05.12.2023
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Cesare Stefaninifull professor of Industrial Bioengineering, is the new director of the BioRobotics Institute at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna for the academic three-year period 2023-2026. Stefanini succeeds Christian Cipriani, who held the role for two consecutive terms, in the three-year terms 2017-2020 and 2020-2023.
"It is an honour for me to represent such a prestigious institute,a point of reference in scientific and technological innovation - says Stefanini - The Institute has more than 300 staff members, including lecturers, researchers, research staff, technical-administrative personnel and PhD and PhD students, and is undoubtedly a paradigmatic reality of the Scuola Sant'Anna, an expression of the founding ideals that animate it"

International scientific reputation, collaborations with manufacturing companies, enhancing the Institute's in-house expertise

Cesare Stefanini has been a full professor at the BioRobotics Institute since 2018: scientific head of the Creative Engineering Design research area, his research activities apply to various fields, including small-scale biorobotics, actuators, biomechatronics and micromechatronics for medical and industrial applications.

"There are three highlights in my term of office: the consolidation of our international scientific reputation; targeted and strategic collaborations with industry, particularly with regard to innovation and competitiveness; and a reflection on the Institute's areas of research activity. It will then be very important to enhance relations with local institutions and with the professionals working within the School in the best possible way,' explains Stefanini.

"Prof. Stefanini is the right person to hold a position of great responsibility,' says Christian Cipriani, outgoing director. 'In recent years, thanks to the contribution of all its members, the BioRobotics Institute has consolidated its role at the forefront of research and technology transfer, confirming itself as one of the scientific centres capable of producing value for the present and the future. I wish him all the best in his work!"