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Publication date: 17.12.2018
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We welcome Caterina Sganga who recently joined the Institute of Law, Politics and Development (DIRPOLIS) of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and EMbeDS as Associate Professor in Private Comparative Law.

Caterina's key research area is international and comparative intellectual property law, with a focus on European copyright law, IP and new technologies (AI, IoT, cloud computing, cyberpsace, digitization), IP and innovation policies, the interplay between IP and human rights, and data ownership and management in the era of big data.

Prior to her appointment at Sant’Anna, she was Assistant and later Associate Professor of Law at the Department of Legal Studies and Department of Economics and Business of the Central European University (Budapest). Caterina also held visiting teaching appointments at the Europa-Kolleg of the University of Hamburg, Maynooth University and CEU. She was a fellow of the Information Society Project at the Yale Law School and a visiting researcher at the Center for Intellectual Property Policy at McGill University. She has authored two monographs, and published in leading journals such as "inter alia", the International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law (IIC), the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law, the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, and the Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law (JIPITEC).

In addition to her academic appointments, Caterina is an attorney licensed to practice in Italy and New York State.