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Publication date: 22.10.2017
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Three Sant’Anna School spin-off companies were awarded the national CNA – Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato “CambiaMenti” prize at the Chamber of Commerce in Pisa. The CNA focuses on the development of new Italian companies to stimulate the economy, drive innovation and secure future competitiveness.

The CNA 2017 award recognizes Abzero, New Generation Sensor and SIXTH SENSE’s achievements in moving innovations in the marketplace and creating real world discoveries that support economic development in Pisa.

Abzero, a spin-off company started by Giuseppe Tortora and Andrea Cannas from the Biorobotics Institute, was awarded the first prize. Abzero develops software solutions for transporting blood products, medicines and human organs by drones. The use of drones has been found to cross distances at faster speeds reducing transportation time by 80% in short distance and 50% in middle distance journeys. The newly established spin-off Abzero, based on research done at the Biorobotics Institute, highlights the exponential value of government funded research as a long-term social investment in which entrepreneurs are valued as strategic resources.

Enterprises New Generation Sensor and SIXTH SENSE started by Claudio Salvadori and Gianluca Nastasi from the TeCIP (Communication, Information and Perception Technologies) Institute were awarded the second prize.

New Generation Sensor develops IoT based communication solutions and low cost infrastructures with self-configuring capabilities for autonomous monitoring systems. The company brings over the IoT to Industry 4.0 offering applications to improve industrial automation, to mitigate risk in supply chain and ultimately improve both safety and performance.

SIXTH SENSE was founded in 2013. It focuses on hardware and software systems for Big Data solutions, deep machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics technologies and predictive algorithms. At SE Data Engineers design predictive systems to foresee market trends and use the data to improve technologies and services, leading to potential innovation across business units and industries.

Photo: awards ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce – Pisa.