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Alliance between the City of Cascina and the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna for the third sector. The shared administration regulation was approved thanks to the support of the Dirpolis Institute (Law, Politics, Development)

Publication date: 02.08.2022
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The Regulation for Shared Administration between the municipal administration and third sector entities has been approved by the municipality of Cascina, thanks to the support of the Dirpolis Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. "We strongly believe in this regulation," explains Giulia Guainai, councilor for social policies, "third sector entities will have a leading role through active involvement in the implementation of specific projects to meet the needs of the community".

The regulation is the result of collaboration between the municipality of Cascina and the Dirpolis Institute. "This is an important moment of collaboration between public administration and excellent research centers," adds Guainai, "The drafting of the Regulations is only the first step of a shared path that will continue with a phase of practical experimentation.

"The collaboration in drafting this regulation represents an excellent opportunity for us to put our research activities into action. This is one of the first experiences in the regional sphere for the implementation of the Third Sector Code and Tuscan Regional Law 65/2020 and therefore a first fundamental step for the involvement of the third sector," declare Luca Gori and Andrea Marchetti, Assistant professors at the Dirpolis Institute.