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Alessia Macchia confirmed as Managing Director by the Board of Governors of the Sant'Anna School, will serve until April 19, 2026. The congratulations and best wishes for good work from the community

Publication date: 20.02.2023
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The Board of Governors of the Sant'Anna School, at its meeting in January 2023, approved the confirmation of Alessia Macchia as Managing Director until April 19, 2026. Alessia Macchia Managing Director in office since April 20, 2020, has a degree in Economics and boasts a rich professional curriculum, both in the private and public context and was, prior to this position, Administrative Director of the Asl of Lucca and Director General of the Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca.

Since taking office, Alessia Macchia has contributed to innovating the organization of the Sant'Anna School, working alongside Rector Sabina Nuti in the university's development and growth process. 

"I am extremely happy", comments Alessia Macchia, "with this confirmation as Managing Director: the Sant'Anna School is living a moment of great overall development, so many projects foreseen in the School's strategic plan and launched in such a difficult historical period as the pandemic related to the three missions of the School, which are training, research, third mission, as well as to the organizational revision necessary to support the development itself. It is worth highlighting, one for all, real estate development, a sector where the Sant'Anna School is growing thanks also to innovative solutions for the Public Administration system."

"If I look back", Alessia Macchia continues, "it is difficult to count all the goals that have been achieved, thanks also to the support of a group that has increasingly become a team. I was convinced, and today I am even more so, of the fundamental contribution of the technical-administrative staff in this growth process, a role to be enhanced more and more, also by identifying innovative tools and methods. Now we are preparing for new challenges, strong in that propulsive push gained in a complex moment that the Sant'Anna School has been able to transform into a strength".

To Alessia Macchia come the congratulations and best wishes for good work from the academic community.