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Admission to Sant'Anna: deadline to apply to I Level Honours courses is July 11th. I Level written tests in Pisa from July 26th, detailed schedule, info on who can ask for a refund and for what

Publication date: 07.06.2022
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The Sant'Anna School (Pisa), a public university with special autonomy, has started the selection process for first-level and single-cycle courses. Those who pass the national competition by winning it and placing among the 54 best students in Italy, will have the opportunity to study for free at Sant'Anna School, an institution that ranks first out of 17 universities considered on a national level and 14th in the world (out of 790 universities), according to THE - Young University Rankings 2022. The deadline to apply for the competition is July 11th, 2022, 12pm.

Anyone who obtains a high-school diploma in the current academic year may participate in the first-year admission call. The competition is organized in three phases: the first coincides with the pre-selections, which consist in the TOLC test provided by the Interuniversity Consortium Integrated Systems for Access (CISIA) also in the online mode, TOLC@CASA (except for Medical Sciences, candidates can enroll and access to the call directly by taking the national admission test). Based on their TOLC test scores, candidates will be admitted to the written tests (second round), which will take place in Pisa on: July, 26th and 27th for the Engineering (Experimental Sciences); July 28th and 29th for the Faculty of Social Sciences (Economics, Law, Political Science); September 5th and 6th for Agricoltural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology (Experimental Sciences). Those who pass the written tests will be admitted to the oral tests (third phase), scheduled to be held in Pisa in September. For Medical Sciences (Experimental Sciences) the written tests are scheduled for September 8th and 9th.

The winners of all rounds acquire the status of honours students of the Sant’Anna School and have to enroll at the University of Pisa in one of the disciplinary fields offered by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Economics, Law, Political Science, Engineering, Medicine, Agricultural Sciences and Biotechnology). At the end of the five-year cicle of study at the Sant'Anna School,k a Diploma di licenza is also awarded with equivalent value to a II Level Master's Degree.

Studying at Sant'Anna and/or at Scuola Normale Superiore is an a unique challenge in ItalyIt means enhancing your own university career through supplementary courses, language courses and off-campus stays funded by the School, who has more than 110 agreements with universities, research centers, companies and public institutions around the world.

The number of students who each year get in the School have a direct relationship between teachers and students, developing a fruitful cultural and interdisciplinary exchange and allowing each student to be supported by a tutor in the choice of educational activities and extracurricular experiences.

Honours Students have right to a free roomlive on campus and have the opportunity to enjoy numerous special services such as the cafeteria, laundry, library and numerous study rooms, in compliance with Covid-19 guidelines.

Moreover, living at Sant'Anna means having access to numerous leisure services.

Indeed, the Sant'Anna School has two gyms, a music room with instruments and numerous recreation rooms to offer a complete collegiate experience based on interchange and interdisciplinarity.

To underline its special attention to merit and social mobility, irreplaceable drivers for the revitalization of the "Country System," the School, according to the 2022 University ISEE, refunds the costs for travel and accommodation incurred by participants who will come to Pisa to take the written and oral tests. From this year, a reimbursement of the registration fees for the TOLC test is also offered.

All the info on the admission call to Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, for I Level and single-cycle courses, are available HERE.

The Sant’Anna School also provides 10 additional places for students interested in the II Level Honours courses, activated in agreement with the Universities of Pisa and Trento: Bionics Engineering (in agreement with the University of Pisa); Molecular Biotechnology (in agreement with the University of Pisa); Economics (in agreement with the University of Pisa); Innovation Management (in agreement with the University of Trento); International Security Studies (in agreement with the University of Trento).

Admission requirements and examination tests, in addition to admission to the Master’s Degree, change according to the degree programme. 

All the info on II Level Courses, are available HERE.