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On 12-15 February 2018, the Pisa Chinese Art Film Festival organized by Sant’Anna School Confucius Institute offers a view on contemporary Chinese culture and society

Publication date: 11.02.2018
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Co-organised by the Confucius Institute at Sant’Anna School and the Polis srl association, the 8th Chinese Art Film Festival presents eight contemporary Chinese art films that center on the meaning and symbolism of number 8 (八) in Chinese culture. The number eight is considered especially good luck because it sounds like the word (ba) for “prosperity and wealth”. This film festival will showcase the latest Chinese art films (primarily in Cantonese and Mandarin with Italian subtitles) screening at the Cinema Lanteri and Cinema Arsenale with the active participation of Pisa City Council authority. This event is open to the public and free to attend.

This 2018 event will present original and valuable perspectives on Chinese economic, political, social and cultural reality. It encourages participants to take advantage of independent Chinese cinema which has recently experienced digital media with the shift from still “electric shadows” to bytes (in Chinese culture, the expression “electric shadows” refers to the art of film). Featuring fiction and experimental art from China, the festival brings the audience a selection of the most challenging works from new and established artists.

Over the period 2005-2015, the number of movie theaters in China has grown to 31,000; the box office revenue has increased to more than $7 billion and attendance increased to 1,26 billion spectators. Digital technology solutions in Chinese cinema have improved the industry throughout the country and thanks to innovative new technologies the art film landscape is rapidly changing. The drive for change in this industry is immense; under the conditions of globalization, only the most powerful nations will have the resources to establish global governance and culture. Chinese artists are then challenged to affirm the contemporary significance of their national culture over a universalized model based on Western ideals, cultures and languages.

“It can be said that cinema has an instinctive aspect and we all share a universal visual language” said Professor Wu Xueyan, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at Sant’Anna School. “Film is inherently representational and animation goes from abstract to representational so, this 2018 film festival serves as a focus on our understanding and study of contemporary China. It reflects a growing emphasis on Chinese film studies and we are happy to invite a broader audience to view works by artists from China to discuss contemporary art practice and the changing of traditional culture into modern culture. This offers the opportunity to explore the shift from traditional culture, such as relationships among people — love, immediate family and extended family, and modern culture - changes in the environment and the modern society human attitude towards animals”.

 “The 8th Chinese Art Film Festival in Pisa– said Professor Alberto Di Minin, Italian director of the Confucius Institute at Sant’Anna School - welcomes collaborations with colleagues and institutions across the world in promoting the study of China. Since its inception, the Confucius Institute has brought to Pisa a long list of prominent scholars and guests, running a lively cultural forum which is educational as well as entertaining. With events throughout the year, the Confucius Institute continues to promote links between academic experts, students and international partners”.

 Social media sites: Facebook del Pisa Chinese Film Festival and Twitter: @ChinaSantAnna.

In attachment the program of the 8th Chinese Art Film Festival in Pisa