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Mitisha is a lawyer with a technical background. She holds a long-standing and specific interest in the cross section between law and technology which led her to apply to the LeADS Program. She works on fairness and accountability metrics in the context of predictive jurisprudence and is keen on researching the operational realities of assigning the function of adjudication to an AI driven digital product. Mitisha truly believes that simpler renditions of (albeit complex) technology leads to faster adoption and strives to carry out her research using the same principles. Mitisha believes in the potential granularity and context driven AI Systems hold in their application in the public sectors by governments and judicial bodies.

During her time being associated with the LeADS Project, Mitisha has also been a part of interdisciplinary working groups which are exploring the relationships between Privacy and Intellectual Property and studying data portability and data quality perspectives. 



Re-imagining the interplay between technical standards, compliances and legal requirementsin AI Systems employed in adjudication environments affecting individual rights.


"The Core Tenets of Designing a reliable Predictive Justice system", IE Law School, Panel Member, LawTomation Days Conference, 29 & 30th September, 2022.