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Medical Sciences

laboratorio catoni

The Master's Degree in Medical Sciences (single cycle) aims at the development and consolidation of the following: ability, experience and the capability to address and resolve priority health issues in preventive, diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative terms.

This is a structured pathway that aims to educate professionals with the scientific basis and the theoretical and practical training necessary to practice medicine and lifelong learning.

Fundamental attention is paid to the study of the clinical aspects and the relational, educational, social and ethical variables covered in the dynamic process of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, as well as in the rehabilitation and recovery of the patient's psychological well-being.

At the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, students follow a supplementary education pathway to the ordinary course that ensures the high quality of their studies.

Every aspect of the students' cultural and professional enrichment is tended to, being especially supported by the following:

  • high quality internal courses, continuous interdisciplinary dialogue;
  • exchange programmes with the most prestigious national and international university institutions;
  • conferences and lecture series with special scientific and cultural value;
  • internships with Italian and foreign companies.

Honours Students who study Medical Sciences at the School follow a supplementary education: Honours Courses at the School and a Medicine and surgery Degree Programme (LM-41) at the University of Pisa.