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Transformative agreements

The Library has signed a few so-called Transformative Agreements with some of the most influent international publishers. These agreements have been achieved through the negotiation by the Italian CRUI consortium (Conferenza Rettori Università Italiana).

With these agreements, authors affiliated to the Sant’Anna School are eligible to publish Open Access, at no additional cost. APCs (Article Processing Charges) are covered by the Sant’Anna Library subscription fees.

The number of available articles per year, set in the agreement, is estimated to cover the most of the demand of the whole consortium; there are no pre-assigned amounts of articles to each participating university. When the established annual amount ends, further articles may be published in OA only upon payment of the fee by the author.

In the submission process, after the peer-review and the acceptance, the author is asked to choose whether to publish in OA or in paid access journals. To know if the author is eligible to publish in OA with no fees, the affiliation must be checked by the Library staff. When the affiliation is confirmed, the author will be notified by the publisher of the right (or less) to publish OA at no additional cost.

Authors will maintain their copyright. The licenses used are Creative Commons (CC).

These are the current available Transformative Agreements: