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Interlibrary loan & document delivery

What: When you need a book, or a journal article, not available in our Library nor in the Pisa Library System, we can provide that document through the cooperation with library networks.

Who: Only Library users affiliated with the Sant’Anna School for Advanced Studies may apply for interlibrary loan or document delivery.

How: Users

To request an interlibrary loan, use the ILL/DD form attached herein; the filled form can be delivered by hand to the Library or sent by e-mail to

Requests for document delivery can be entered into the NILDE system (Request for DD through NILDE) where they will be processed by our librarian. You need to create an account on NILDE, see the short guide in the attachments box.

As a rule, you can submit a maximum of three requests at a time.

The length of the interlibrary loan is set by the supplier library. If you don’t respect the due date, or damage the borrowed book, you’ll be suspended and charged for the replacement of the item. 

How: Libraries

For Libraries associated to the NILDE and LIR conventions, the service applies as defined by the respective protocols. For other libraries the service is subject to a refund in IFLA vouchers; as a rule, you can submit a maximum of three requests at a time. Requests must be submitted by: