Networks of Embedded Systems Area

Networks of Embedded Systems Area


The Networks of Embedded Systems Area (a.k.a. Real-Time Networks) was born in year 2008 to study real-time communication techniques applied to Wireless Sensor Networks.
It derives from a joint research initiative carried on by the "Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies (TeCIP)" at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and the "National Laboratory of Photonic Networks (LNRF)" at the National Inter-university Consortium for Telecommunications (CNIT)

Today the research team is composed by Retis and IRCPhonet researchers. The labs are located in Pisa (I).
From the very beginning the research team targeted the ambitious objective of following the whole engineering process transforming a simple idea to a validated experimental realization.

Visit the area website:

where you will find a set of informational pages including application notes, multimedia sources, software libraries, availability of theses.


The Networks of Embedded Systems group is considering large scale distributed systems where bottom-level heterogeneous embedded devices host both custom embedded logic and ad-hoc communication capabilities.

  • Single node and cooperative algorithms leveraging our expertize in computer vision and data aggregation techniques. 
  • Embedded devices as Wireless Sensor Network nodes, RFIDs, vehicular equipment (e.g. On-Board Units) and PDA units (e.g. smartphones).
  • Our networks implement middleware services and exports proper interfaces to be interoperated with cloud facilities and abstract the functionality of an instrumentation layer. 
  • Applications are oriented to the domains of Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Plants.


For any request, please contact the area leader (Dr. Paolo Pagano).