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Cyber-Physical Systems

The Research unit “Cyber-Physical Systems” investigates enabling software methodologies and technologies for the development of complex systems and have a strong expertize on real-time computing, artificial intelligence and deep learning, heterogeneous embedded computing platforms, cloud computing, cyber-security, safety-critical software, mathematical modeling, and optimization methods. Application domains include autonomous vehicles (cars, drones, and trains), advanced robots, industrial production systems, and predictive maintenance.
Istituto TeCIP

Research is conducted in two laboratories:

  1. The Real-Time Systems Laboratory (ReTiS Lab) was established in 1993 and is one of the world’s leading research teams in the area of embedded real-time systems, holding a strong expertise on operating systems, hypervisors, software design methodologies, cloud computing, trustworthy AI, heterogeneous computing platforms, hardware acceleration on FPGA, and cyber-security.
  2. The Center of ICT for Complex Industrial Systems and Processes (ICT-COISP), established in 2001, holds a strong expertise on modeling, simulation, monitoring, control and optimization of industrial processes, and artificial intelligence. The group is particularly focused on the iron and steel sector, but is active also in other process and manufacturing industries.