Tecip research units

The Institute represents a national and international centre of reference for training, research and innovation within the industrial environment in the fields of fiber optics communication technologies, photonic technologies, embedded systems and perceptual robotics.

The Institute is organised into 3 Research Units with three main reference areas.  

The 3 Units are further divided into Subject Areas under an Area Leader.

Moreover, 3 technological centers, two of which concentrate on perceptual robotics and one on photonic technologies, take on the role of technological transfer towards industry.

Research Units and Areas


  • Networks & Services
  • Optical Communication Systems
  • Optical Communication Theory & Techniques
  • Optical Fiber Sensors & Integrated Photonics Subsystems
  • High-capacity Optical Communications
  • Digital & Microwave Photonics
  • Advanced Technologies for Integrated Photonics

Embedded Systems:

  • Real-Time Systems
  • Resource Management
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Networks of Embedded Systems

Perceptual Robotics:

  • Intelligent Automation Systems
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Computer Graphics & Virtual Environments