Intelligent Automation Systems

Intelligent Automation Systems (IAS) group has competencies in the modelling and control of systems, the theoretical and experimental analysis of stability properties, robustness and performance analyses and the development of new tools for the automated learning and regulation from plant and experimental data. In the field of system modelling and control IAS develops algorithms to interact with users and learns from the data received by giving in such a way to the user further information that allow to improve performances and learn from experience. IAS has autonomous capabilities to design and develop system that may interact with visual information (camers, laser,...) and other data fusion sources (for distributed data networks). IAS expertise include the ability to integrate machine learning theories to complete control systems.

The area is organized along three main research lines: transfer of human skills, intelligent systems for the (semi)autonomous operation, and intelligent system for the monitoring and control of industrial plants. Application include medicine, teleoperation, surveillance, power plants, inspection, control, monitoring, maintenance, simulators and many others. 2015-2016 cooperation have seen the participation in the group activities of more than 20 national and international companies for an overall budget higher than 2M€