Human Robot Interaction

The Human Robot Interaction (HRI) group, coordinated by prof. Antonio Frisoli,  investigates theories and systems to design new man-machine devices that properly reflect human centered design requirements. This group develop robotic devices that cooperate with human in a safe and intuitive way during the interaction in virtual environments. The group has solid background in mechanical design, robot design, FEM analysis and control of mechanical systems with specific reference to industrial and medical fields.

The group has a consolidated expertise in psychophysics of the human perception and biomechanics of human motion, with specific reference to the tactile and haptic sense, such expertise is being employed for the development of novel haptic devices including large workspace devices, desktop devices and force feedback exoskeletons. These devices are being employed to replicate contact feelings during virtual presence, telepresence and haptic enhanced devices (such as for new generation of mobile vehicles).

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