High-capacity Optical Communications

High-capacity Optical Communications

Optical communications represents the highways in telecommunications infrastructures. The constant increase in the data transmission request stokes the research towards high capacity systems. In the latest years, coherent communications came back as possible solutions for increasing channel capacity thanks to the capability of discriminating complex optical fields thus allowing the use of phase and amplitude multilevel modulation formats. In this way it is possible to increase the so called spectral efficiency (SE) that represents the amount of information for a given time and a given spectral occupancy (bit/s/Hz).

The main focus in the area of High Capacity Optical Communications is to investigate for possible solutions that increase the SE. As a function of the targeted application different architectures are investigated ranging from ultra-long haul to short reach connections. Several multiplexing techniques (polarization, wavelength, optical and electrical time, space) are considered.

The interaction with theoretical, technological, and networking areas, provides the right stimuli, expertise, and feedback in order to guarantee for the highest level of research. In fact, the following arguments are jointly covered:

  • Linear and nonlinear impairment compensation
  • SE optimization through Faster-then-Nyquist techniques
  • Coding and decoding
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) advanced techniques
  • Integrated transceivers design and system testing
  • Flexible transponders for gridless networking applications

The approach includes analytical, semi-analytical, and numerical description for all subsystems, computer simulation such as experimental validation. Demonstrator are also studied and realized as a conclusion of any research projects.

The research area also includes side activities such as optical techniques applied to imaging for biophotonic applications and in-line tribology in collaborations with national and international partners.

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